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Financial Literacy

Nathan’s Story

I have always wanted to help people in need. So, I decided to shave my head for St. Baldrick’s. I learned about St. Baldrick’s (an organization that raises money for kids’ cancer) from the family company where my mom works. The way St. Baldrick’s works is you sign up to get your head shaved and create your own account on their website, and people donate money to you to raise money for kids’ cancer. The last time I went to an event for St. Baldrick’s, I decided I wanted to do it. I had a lot of different experiences doing St. Baldrick’s.

I created my page on their website the day I got braces (the picture was really cheesy). I set a goal to raise 250 dollars. I reached that goal in about a day so I changed it to 500. I didn’t reach that goal as fast but in the end I raised about 1,800 dollars. Mainly because I got an 1,000 dollar check from my cousin (he used to be the president of the family company).

Before the event I got my picture taken in the paper and got a free hat. After I got my head shaved the hat didn’t fit on my head, so I had to adjust it. My head wasn’t really smooth—it had tiny little thistles of hair that felt weird. My head felt cold and wet for a few days, too.

After I got my head shaved I wore a button that said, “Ask me why I’m bald.” So people would ask me that, even after I told them why. It also felt weird when I had a hat or hood on because of the thistles in my hair. People also kept touching my head.

In conclusion, I got to get my head shaved and raised a lot of money for cancer research for children. If you would like to shave your head for St. Baldrick’s, you can go to their site and look for an event in your area. The site is http://www.stbaldricks.org, or you can Google it if that doesn’t work.


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